Welcome to Priory Equine Vets Website


Priory Equine Vets provide care for horses and ponies in Surrey and the surrounding areas including south London, and parts of West Sussex, Kent and Hampshire.

We have 5 equine vets providing a high quality, reliable service 24/7, 365 days a year.  Our large range of modern equipment is portable allowing us to deal quickly and efficiently with a wide variety of illnesses and injuries at your yard.  However, should the need arise we are also able to offer hospitalisation including some surgical facilities.


Priory Equine vets aim to help yPVS event demo at yardou, help your equine to flourish.  With this end in mind we offer a variety of preventative health care services from vaccinations, dentistry and worm programmes to wide ranging free advice, free newsletters and fact sheets as well as a variety of ‘yard talk evenings’ or demo’s.


The quality of our efforts is their quality of life!